Hurricane Damage

The Costs of Hurricane Damage

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Hurricanes are some of the most devastating storm systems in existence, leaving a wide swath of rubble and debris in their wake whenever they make landfall. Because of their vast size, high wind speeds, and potential to cause flooding, hurricanes can cause billions of dollars in damage and permanently displace residents of coastal areas.

In the past few decades, several large hurricanes have caused untold damage when they struck the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Hurricane Andrew, which hit in 1992, had wind speeds of over 175 miles per hour, and caused approximately $45 billion in damage. Hurricane Katrina resulted in even greater losses, flooding large parts of New Orleans and costing the city and surrounding residents more than $105 billion in repairs. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, a third major storm, Hurricane Sandy, crashed into the Northeast coast in 2012, battering thirteen states with floods and power outages.

The destructive power of hurricanes stems from their powerful wind speeds, which are at minimum 74 miles per hour, although higher wind speeds are common. These winds can send debris flying, a danger for residents in the area. If the wind is strong enough, it can break windows and even dismantle entire homes.

The high economic cost of a hurricane like Sandy can be difficult to recover from, especially for families and individuals who were already in financial trouble. Unfortunately, damaging hurricanes can even force some individuals to file for bankruptcy, if they don’t receive the compensation they need from their insurance companies. Flooding can make these situations particularly difficult, since it causes long-lasting damage to homes and property which may not be assessed by an insurance adjuster. The best solution is for individuals to record all damage and file a claim as soon as possible to ensure fair compensation from their insurance company.

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