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A Guide On What To Do After A Hit and Run Accident

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Getting involved in a hit and run accident is a serious crime that can have serious consequences. These types of accidents happen when a driver who collides with another driver disappears from the crime scene. According to the website of  Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, victims of hit and run accidents may be left to face the initial damages alone. This article will guide you on the steps you need to undertake during a hit and run accident.

The initial reaction you will feel after a hit and run accident is disgust and stress. However, it will greatly help if you will stay calm. BY doing so, you will be able to think properly and make the right decision when it comes to hit and run accidents. The first thing you need to do is to call 911 if there are people who got injured. When medical attention has been given, the next thing to do is get as much information as you can. Get the model, make, and license plate number of the other car.

If there are possible witnesses, you may want to get their names and contact information as well. They can come in handy in case you go into court. If the hit and run accident happened when you were away from your parked car, take down as many details as possible. Call the police and file the necessary report. While the police may not be able to help you track down the driver who hit you, the police report can speed up the release of your car insurance claims and give you an important document that you could use in the future.

Hit and run accidents can cause serious injuries and even death so make sure not to let the liable person get away.

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Auto Insurance Discounts the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

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Purchasing, repairing, and maintaining a car can be very expensive, especially with the rising cost of gas. For many car owners, an insurance policy (which is required by law) seems like an added burden. However, automobile insurance offers a number of benefits, foremost of which is a financial safety net in the case of a car accident or vehicle mishap.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies car owners can take to find discounts and cut down on their insurance premiums. One of the most important steps to take is to drive safely and maintain a clean driving record. Drivers who are frequently involved in accidents, deemed high-risk drivers, are seen as a liability for insurance companies. According to the website of Milwaukee auto accident lawyers, insurance companies often charge high-risk drivers more because of their tarnished record.

Insurance companies also base their policies on how long they think a driver will maintain a policy; those who are likely to keep a policy for a longer period will receive better rates. If your insurance record contains any blemishes, such as not having a policy for several months, carriers might charge you a higher rate.

Many drivers also fail to take advantage of the discounts automobile insurance companies offer. These discounts are not “advertised” to drivers, so few people know about them. Discounts are offered for married couples, for people who bundle home and auto insurance, and for people who pay their bills online. Some companies even offer younger drivers significant discounts for having good grades.

Automobile insurance is a necessary burden that offers financial security and peace of mind for drivers. As long as you drive carefully, seek out discounts, and continue to maintain an insurance policy, you can save a significant amount of money on your insurance bill.

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New Jersey Court Makes Controversial Distracted Driving Ruling

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Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous actions a driver can take—texting while driving results in thousands of injuries across the U.S. each year. As a result, the penalties for texting while driving are quite harsh. But what about texting a driver?

Last week, a court in New Jersey ruled, somewhat controversially, that people who send texts to others they know are driving can be held accountable for a car accident. It’s a known fact that distracted drivers perform worse than focused drivers, making mistakes such as failing to use turn signals or weaving between lanes, according to the website of the Sampson Law Firm, most Americans would agree that the responsibility for an accident involving distracted driving falls squarely on the shoulders of the distracted driver.

The New Jersey ruling claims that a sender who knows the recipient is driving and will check the text message “has taken a foreseeable risk in sending a text at that time.”

“The sender has knowingly engaged in distracting conduct,” the report read. “It is not unfair to hold the sender responsible for the distraction.”

A report from Texting and Driving Safety states that texting resulted in 1.3 million car accidents in 2011. According to the Law Offices of Williams Kherkher, these distracted driving accidents can cause injuries ranging from broken bones and lacerations to paralysis. The results of a car accident are a lot of responsibility to place on the sender of a text message. New Jersey Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande said she thinks drivers are fully responsible for driving without texting, and plans to introduce a bill to protect senders from legal action.

“This legislation puts the responsibility where it belongs – in the front seat with the driver,” Casagrande said.

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